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A Fox in Africa

07.24.08 | Posted by Fox

So, what the fuck, I’ve been in school for the past year, doing an internship in Africa for the whole summer, and Hedgehog . . . well, let’s just say that Hedgehog also flew the coop: both of us too busy to post, right? Wrong!

This son-of-a-bitch has been posting here since god-knows-when without letting me know about it (that’s write two hyphenated expressions — one sentence).

Truth be told, I’m glad it’s not going to waste (and I seem to remember checking the site a few months ago and finding the random post here and there). But what we’ve got here is a downright cornucopia of material. You’d think he would have gone to the trouble to let a fox know, but . . . wrong again.

Good work . . . this is clearly not a guy who built the fucking railroads, here.

UPDATE: It turns out that the dates on this site are totally broken and that’s the reason why posts appear to have been posted this year that were actually posted last year.  Wow! What a total relief! This blog is in dire need of help.  Email if you’re interested!

07.24.08 | 3 Comments | Posted by Fox



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» What was tat last post all about?