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C-Nova-s 122: The In-Flight Gift

07.09.08 | Posted by Hedgehog

C-Nova’s 122™ is a collection of highly creative things you can do to impress a woman you are dating. The 122 honors the 122 women Giacomo Casanova mentions having slept with in his book

    Story of My Life.

This week, #67: The In-Flight Gift.

If you happen to be flying with your gal, one way to make the sure-to-be-unbearable flight memorable is with a surprise gift pack. And what better way to make that gift a surprise than to have the flight attendant deliver it after take-off.

Prep: Thanks to a bunch of fucking half-wits on both sides you can no longer pack two small bottles of wine. Thanks a lot assholes. Luckily there are still great things to make this work.

Datehole recommends any combination of three of the following:

• A couple of her favorite magazines. (The trashier the better. She won’t have to feel guilty about not getting the Economist.)
• A book she’s mentioned. Or a book you once told her she should read.
• A few of her favorite snacks. (See above re: trashiness.)
• A set of new, better earphones if she has an MP3 player/iPod.
• A small MP3 player loaded with a playlist. (You can get simple 256/512MB players these days for under $30. May want to order ahead of time to get the best deals).
• A pair of new panties. (This is risky. But if you have the stones and/or depending on the gal, this can be extremely worth it. Thoughts of sex + 30,000 feet = extremely worth it.)

The key here is to personalize the things in the pack. That means no corny “romantic” boxes of chocolate-covered cherries. (Here’s how you know: If the store you got it at is in Grand Central or Rock Plaza it’s a no-go. If the product actuallyhad the words “romantic” on it or has hearts or similar designs, it’s a no; get some taste.)

And keep it simple. No need to pull out the big guns here. The delivery is the cool part.

Finish: Wrap the gift simply at home. Write her full name on it. Also, it’s important to put the seat number on there. (This can be accomplished in a bathroom or similar after ticketing.)

Delivery: Make sure you board the plane behind her. As you walk past the flight attendant (and your gal’s back is turned going down the isle) make eye contact with the atendant (hope for a woman or gay man) and smile and pull out the gift and quickly whisper that “it’s a gift for a special occasion. Can you deliver it to her after take-off?”

SMILE BIG and be humble; this is very important.

Worst Case: The flight attendant says no or your gal catches you. The fact that you tried will still count for a lot.

Prep Time: 1 – 3 Hours.

Level of difficulty (1-10): 5

Cost: $30 - $50

When the flight attendant delivers the package, get ready to kick back and be very, very pleased with yourself. You deserve it.

As always, do not under any circumstances use any of C-Nova’s 122™ with a woman you just started dating. She will (understandbaly) think you are insane and she will (understandably) run away. We recommend having dated somebody exclusively for at least three months before attempting any of these. And even then use The 122™ no more than once every six weeks.

07.09.08 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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