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C-Nova’s 122: Postcards

07.04.08 | Posted by Hedgehog

cnova-122-postcard.JPGC-Nova’s 122™ is a collection of highly creative things you can do to impress a woman you are dating. The 122 honors the 122 women Giacomo Casanova mentions having slept with in his book “Story of My Life.”

This week, #8: The Postcard

My Lord, this one’s so easy that we almost hesitate to include it; instead leaving the precious #8 space to something more challenging like… making a puppet of yourself (which we’ll get to another day. No kidding.)

If we didn’t understand our audience, we could probably just skip to the end of this one and be done with it. But if there is one thing that proves that men are ignorant of what women consider romantic, it’s the continued existence, nay, success, of Zales.

Prep: Not just any old postcard is going to cut it; you’re going to need to get something specialer than that. Get something that is going to mean a lot to both of you. Did you go to the Empire State Building together? Did you take a trip to another state? Was there a movie that you both loved? Did you have a long, meaningful conversations about Star Wars (hypothetic only)? Each of these subjects can be addressed in relative postcard form.

Now, the message: Keep it simple and a little bit mysterious. We recommend one of the below (dependent on the content/nature of the card):
• Let’s do it again.
• Saw this and thought of you.
• Han was a far better pilot than either Luke or Lando! (again, hypothetically)

If you need to send this postcard your relationship is doomed.

Alternatively, actually scrawling a date invite with a specific time and place with a big question mark is also très romantic. This will take at least a few days planning so a good idea is to make dinner reservations a week in advance so you have a reliable time and address to put on the card.

Finish: We like to write “A not-so-secret Admirer” or similar. But if you think she might be slutting around you can consider signing it so some other dirtbag doesn’t get the credit.

Delivery: We are always proponents of sending things to her workplace (she’s not expecting it there and can brag about you to girlfriends). Plus it’s easier to get work addresses. But home’s fine too.

Prep Time: 10 mins to 2 hours (to find the card)

Level of difficulty (1-10): 1

Cost: less than $3

As always, do not under any circumstances use any of C-Nova’s 122™ with a woman you just started dating. She will (understandably) think you are insane and she will (understandably) run away. We recommend having dated somebody exclusively for at least three months before attempting any of these. And even then use The 122™ no more than once every six weeks.

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07.04.08 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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