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Muppets Take Manhattan… er, Brooklyn

05.29.08 | Posted by Hedgehog

Oh summer outdoor movie gods, why have ye forsaken us? I mean, is this punishment for allowing Fantastic Four 2 Fantastic 8 to be made? Because of Rush Hour 3? Lohan? I mean, we gave Scorsese an Oscar this year. WTF?!

Brooklyn Bridge Fulton Ferry Park, as we have repeatedly stated, is our favorite NY park. It’s got grass, waterfront, and views of downtown NY and the Brooklyn Bridge. It is postcardian. And on Thursday nights in the summer one of our favorite activities, and a great date, is the park’s outdoor film series Movies with a View. Last year saw an excellent lineup including Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, The Warriors, and Raiders of the fucking Lost Ark. Yes and yes.

This year, not so much. But there are a couple diamonds in the otherwise very-gay-seeming rough…

This year’s full Movies with a View schedule (all Thursdays):
The Princess Bride - July 5
The Day The Earth Stood Still - July 12
Muppets Take Manhattan – July 19
Being John Malkovich – July 26
Hair – Aug 2 (Hair!? Fucking A! Are you serious?! Hair?!)
All About Eve – Aug. 9
The Natural – Aug 16
West Side Story – Aug 23

Gah. Some good date movies there for our lovers of brothers but, Jeez, is that schedule Hugh Jackman-gay or is it just us? West Side Story is probably good for your date but are you going to enjoy it? Be honest.

Best Bets: Muppets Take Manhattan is easily the best on this list when it comes to a date. Running a far second is The Day the Earth Stood Still, partly because the chill of the black & white and the sociopolitical message will make you want to cuddle; partly because… Hair??!?!

Tip: Yes it is tempting. But if you’re thinking about taking a date to The Princess Bride you are dead to us.

Tip: Save The Natural for a boys’ night. We’ve watched that movie with women and there are two problems: 1) No amount of Glenn Close gets them into it. 2) When you cry at the end during the blown-out-lights part they don’t understand. In fact, we can even defend just showing up at about 10:30 pm for that part.

My eyes just pissed themselves.

Where: Lawn at the Empire-Fulton Ferry Park section of Brooklyn Bridge Park; F train to York St. and walk less than 5 minutes; Or A/C to High St. and walk about 10 minutes. Alternatively, this is a perfect time to walk across the bridge.

When: Thursdays in July and August; Music starts playing to the crown at 6:00 pm and the movie starts at sunset, 8:23 pm on July 19th. (Use this sunset calculator for other dates.) We recommend getting there at least an hour early to get a patch of grass anywhere near the screen.

Cost: Freer than the balls in your pants.

Tip: Decant some wine at home and bring it for the party. Or, Three Thieves makes great white and red wines and packs them in 250 ml Bandit Bullet “juice boxes” which are $2.50 (online). The liter boxes are about $10. We’ve found both for the same prices at local liquor stores. The four-pack would be perfect. Order a few online to have around for other activities.

Tip: Bring a blanket to sit on and some snacks.

Also at the park this summer, crazy Japanese people with drum-sets.

05.29.08 | 1 Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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