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Week Links

Week Links

08.16.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

Week Links is a bunch of stuff from the week. Yes, it is a stupid, stupid pun and we deserve to be pun-ished for it. Oh Christ…

We’re not sure how many people read Jezebel but we imagine it’s an impressive number. Like Cosmo, we read it for “research” and because nobody, and we mean nobody, trashes other girls like girls. (It’s like we’re Michael Vick and they’re our pit bulls.) And much like women themselves, we cannot understand the way they flip back and forth between feministic santamony and latter-day girls-gone-wild ditzyism. We cannot recommend the site highly enough. Especially the comments.

We comment but it’s almost always because A) we are self-promoting; B) we’re assholes who live to lecture people and when we notice something hypocritical about a posting we just must be heard; or C) we have a really dirty joke. But one thing we’ve noticed lately freaks us out a bit and we’re not sure why; there are a good number of men who continually post in the comments. Why is this? Who are these men? They cannot all be gay? Can they? Do they feel they are providing the female Jezebel commenting community with a valuable inside look at a man’s psyche? (Which we can do: We like your boobies and your vagina; there you go, no need to post more.) Are they the same guys who, as in high school, thought that hanging around with a bunch of women would eventually get them laid? Do they see themselves to women as Michael Rappaport sees himself to black people? Anyway….

This week we entered the world of real journalism and fucked it up by interviewing author David Rosen.

Via Thighswideshut: 10 insane AIDS ads from around the world.

A special invitation to Angelina Jolie.

Gothamist is sponsoring a dating event at Whole Foods: Check Out. A delicious event for delicious singles. Though, to be Gothamist-appropriate, the title should be: Check Out. A delicious event for a delicious singles.

Dismal science dating. This guy sounds like a dream to have a beer with. A nightmare to have a beer with on a date. “He sees dating as a good place to apply the economic principle of signaling — the idea that, for example, people study for an MBA degree at Harvard more for what it says about them than for what they learn.”

Like Web 2.0 but for dating. Don’t Date Him Girl. We were not in here. They have a blog too.

The Final Frontier Date.

Want harmless ways to make “your man” jealous? Read this. Want ways to make us hate you. Write this. (Yes, both link to the same article.)

If you haven’t been to Jell-O wrestling event yet, you really should go. We’d take a date but… yeah, it’s Jell-O. And it’s wrestling. And we’re not 22 anymore (if we ever were). Anyway, there’s a match this Sunday.
If you get a woman to do this position on a first date, marry her take her on a second date.

We threw down with the Ladies… and did the alumni thing and came up with school drinks.

Lastly, we’ll be on a much needed vacation for a few days and will be back next week. Like you care.

Got something? Send it to us: thedatehole [at] yahoo.com

08.16.07 | 1 Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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