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08.07.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

In the spring of 2001, a show came on the Fox network. At the time I had a steady girlfriend. From my one-bedroom shithole HQ in Astoria we watched this show on a Zenith POS that I had gotten on closeout. The TV was too big for the room.

The show was really one of a kind. And it provided for plenty opportunities for me and the girlfriend to get into all kinds of arguments. We agreed that this show was the worst, most bottom-feeding, manipulative, spurious sham we could ever imagine watching on TV. Much like our love for each other, we could not have been more wrong…

The show of course was Temptation Island. (Here’s a photo page; hoooooolyyyyyy shit do I miss this show. It’s like the Hussein to today’s Al Queda.) Anyway, from a Jan. 16, 2001 news release: “Temptation Island was the 13th most popular search on Lycos last week…” Fuck. How funny is that sentence?

Remember when Billy and Mandy seemed nuts? By today’s standards I’d let them watch my kids.

Every time we watched Temptation Island there would inevitably be a fight caused by some issue brought up in the show (i.e. infidelity, the future, marriage). Of course the show didn’t take this shit seriously; but somehow it became a serious issue after jumping of the screen and into my life.

So today, when I see a line-up of just unbelievable fare such as The Pick Up Artist… I just wonder how anyone could stand to watch this with a girlfriend and not have it ruin them.

And I didn’t even get to Wife Swap for you married folk. Or how about Fat March?! Maybe they could combine the two and make the wives march back and forth to their new homes…

I hate TV.

08.07.07 | 10 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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