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Finally, Some Sports Talk From Women That Doesn’t Involve a Spice Girl

08.03.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


Somewhat fascinating debate going on across a bunch of sports blogs today about women’s rolls as fans. Or more importantly, the rolls they (women sports fans) play (or fail, by design, to play) in male sports fans’ lives. Supposedly this started with a Mr. Irrelevant post about our NFL Dating Preview PSA, though this debate has, in some form or another, been going on for a long time.

The Dotdotdot ladies go all Jezebel-comments-section on the subject and like reading Cosmo used to be, it’s a fascinating look into what women think and how we piss them off. Worth reading even if you don’t give two shits about sports. (It’s like having that hole drilled in the girls’ locker room wall but putting your ear there instead of your eye.

Strike Zones and End Zones posts in favor of Mr. Irrelevant’s (admittedly half-BS) original opinions. (Though we think “ruining” is a little harsh.)

Datehole is (ostensibly) about dating, not sports. And our NFL preview was more about what to say to someone you’re dating when her team is winning/beating yours. So it has the built in assumption of your date liking sports (football in particular).

In our experience female football fans are fun as shit. We’re not intimidated by women who know more about sports than us because A) we qualify as more of a intermediate sports fan (never keep track of ERAs during a season); and B) in 90% of cases we’re reasonably sure we could physically beat up said women if it became absolutely necessary. (he he Jooooooooking.)

But we can also understand why a bunch of guys might not want somebody they are romantically liked to joining in their game-watching experience. Primarily this is because, again in our experience, men are at their absolute worst when watching football. The clichés hold more often than not: slovenly, atrociously chauvinistic and wildly insensitive and proud of it. This holds triply true for football over every other sport.

We really think this is a group thing. We doubt many men would have a problem watching a game with a woman. It’s having your woman there with the other guys that is a bit uncomfortable because by being attached to us your vagina becomes our vagina and a guy with a vagina amongst his buddies is vulnerable to all sorts of new rape jokes. Now, this line of reasoning is already the kind of humor we’d be uncomfortable sharing with somebody that, hypothetically again, we might want to be the mothers of our children.

This is just another way of saying, as put by commenter rsr26 (aka Johnny Utah) from Big Daddy Drew’s iVillage KSK post last year:
“That was brutal, Rob. Hilarious, but brutal.

I think some women want to know about football because they want to have something in common with their husband/boyfriend. And that is a noble and thoughtful gesture.

The problem is that the husband/boyfriend would like to have this one area- football- bitch-free, if you will…”

Finally, we really believe this to be largely a debate within a niche area of serious sports fans. Most men who, like us, are casual sports fans really couldn’t give two shits about how much their women like sports. Ditto casual female fans. Every woman we’ve ever dated had her favorite teams; but none of them were fanatics and therefore it was never an issue. In fact, if they were fans of big rivals (Big 10 is especially fun) it made the relationship even more fun, for at least a few hours a week anyway.

08.03.07 | 1 Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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