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Week Links

Week Links

07.28.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

Week Links is a bunch of stuff from the week. Yes, it is a stupid, stupid pun and we deserve to be pun-ished for it. Oh Christ…

Our Datehole NFL Pre-season Dating Preview PSA Part 1: The NFC is out. Now you have no excuses when you end up dating a Giants fan.

Fleshbot: Pole Dancing for America.

This has been a major week for Julia Allison revelations. First, we found a very special one-of-a-kind picture of J’All. Our ruling?: Great saddle.

Also, her column now has a name. Still lame.

And then this. We now know the following about Julia (by her own admittance):

• She is anal retentive.
• Likes pink.
• Had all body hair lasered off (!?)*
• Likes cookies.
• Allergic to cats, proper grammar.
• Doesn’t drink. (Is it just us or does she mention this A LOT?)

And LOLjuliallsion.

Boyfriend with AC needed - w4m. No shit lady. We’d go gay for a little AC these days.

Our third and final special report Deep Inside Adult Friend Finder. Final verdict: “sluttypussy” is a hell of a handle.

Jezebel asks: Period Sex, yes or no? Datehole’s answer: Blowjobs.

Via the Thighmaster: China’s condom fashion show.

Don’t you hate it when, after a long and quite successful career as the front man for a rock and roll band, you just want to take it easy and settle down so you, naturally, go on national television to find that “special someone” and then it turns out that a couple of your potential paramours are actually God damn porn stars?

Canada, more enticing every day: “MySpace kicks out sex offenders — but not in Canada

Take a date to The Simpsons? (Rhetorical question; of course you didn’t)

* We cannot decide if this makes J’All sexier or somehow more inhuman…

Got something? Send it to us: thedatehole [at] yahoo.com

07.28.07 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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