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Week Links

Week Links

07.20.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

Week Links is a bunch of stuff from the week. Yes, it is a stupid, stupid pun and we deserve to be pun-ished for it. Oh Christ…

Is everyone else as worried as we are about the progression of Indy 4? We saw Transformers and Shia LaBeauoofe was less than inspiring….

Via the Scanner (via DListed) - Alexyss Tylor is back: “He took his dick, went 360 degrees up in her ass…” Watch the video for the rest. Really needs to be watched to be believed.

The to-date IMDB-listed “Memorable Quotes” from this weekend’s opening film I Now Pronounce You 90 Minutes of Homophobia Chuck & Larry:
Chuck Levine: What do you got?
Larry Valentine: Tampons.
Chuck Levine: We’re gay not transsexual!

We’re not huge baseball fans. We also find American Apparel to be equal parts boring and bizarre.
But good lord sweet baby Jesus. It’s a frosted-mini-wheat like combination of our adult in us liking the horny side and kid in us liking the sacrifice bunt side.

Datehole’s Guide to Drinking & Dating & Drinking.

When we had cable we parent-blocked VH1 on ourselves to protect us from Michael Ian Black. But these “A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered” are pretty funny.

File under knock on wood: Fascinating article about how dating is for those with advanced medical conditions: “That loneliness and isolation I was feeling, that was more debilitating than my disability.”

Want to know what it’s like to be a horny white expat male with loose morals living in Shanghai where local girls find your foreignness an aphrodisiac? This is exactly what that’s like.

We continued our look deep inside Adult Friend Finder.

Jezebel wondered about Plan B. We debated the virtues of keeping some around.

Mom? (NSFW)

McSweeney’s: Two Things That Aren’t Covered by Your Friend With Benefits. 1) Care for the bitter heartbreak and depression that will inevitably occur when your friend moves on to a real relationship with a mature partner actually worthy of commitment. And 2)

Extreme Fanboyism.

Got something? Send it to us: thedatehole [at] yahoo.com

07.20.07 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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