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Datehole Special Report: Deep Inside Adult Friend Finder Part 2

07.13.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

This is Part 2 of 3 of a one-month in-depth investigation into the world of Adult Friend Finder, its users, its quirks, and its benefits, if any. Read Part one here.

Due to the heat and the fact that the subject matter is ultimately boring the shit out of us, this section of the report is coming in a little late.

Adult Friend Finder has a lot of bells and whistles that are really dumb. But AFF does have a feature that allows for live webcam correspondence between members. But the feature also allows ALL members to watch your webcam feed. It’s this feature that really begins to define the use of AFF for us.

A random Thursday night at 9:30 pm the following numbers of people below were missing Scrubs because they were broadcasting themselves across AFF: All (1351) | Men (1133) | Women (58) | Couples (man and woman) (137) | Groups (0) | Couples (2 women) (0) | Couples (2 men) (2) | TS/TV/TG (15). Yes, that is how they are broken down.

We immediately put a piece of masking tape over our iBook built in camera because.. you never know, right?

One can search all streams by gender (or couple), age and other stuff. But easily the most useful part of the webcam search is by “viewers.” The streams with the most viewers are always the ones that have the action going on.

At 9:41 a guy in Alton, New Hampshire was getting a pretty good blowjob. He was done by 9:46. At the same time a couple in Outtabarrie, Ontario was masturbating each other on a bed while a 28 year old woman in Philly was rubbing herself into a dead heat with a couple making sexytime in Deerfield Beach, FL. They both hovered round 1,000 viewers at their peak(s).


If these webstreams were cell phones, couples (men on women) streams would be the iPhone, while women doing themselves would be the Chocolate or some such thing. Meanwhile, men doing themselves would be the Razr (first generation), or maybe even the Startac. There is just an overabundance of men jerking themselves in front of their iBooks every night with little or no audience. A good number of them even seem to be doing it as a chore. We wonder what compels them. It is rather sad.

It needs to be reiterated that this voyeuropia encompassing everywhere from Australia to North Carolina to Hong Kong to London was not a further pay service outside the AFF membership. And these couples were not paid. And there is something charming about how the people are real and their bodies represent it. We were surprised how sexy a few imperfections can be after years of an online lack of them.

Further, there is something a little bit sexy and titillating about the fact that one cannot control the content of what one might be seeing on any given night (and it’s always the night). When it comes to online porn, the sky’s the limit and any particular hankering one’s having can be satisfied. But with AFF’s webcam streams one often has to poke around a little before finding something that is going to do the job. And even then, “The User Has Stopped Broadcasting” can happen right at the most inopportune time.

This loss of a little control in an age of having anything anytime did turn out to be exciting. It is then hard to argue that while AFF is a questionable source for actual sex, it is an excellent source for live porn shows. And we suspect that this just might be one of the major draws of membership.

Stay tuned for the final segment on how well we fared overall.

Read Part Three here.

07.13.07 | 10 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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