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Knocked Up Contest: The Winner

06.18.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


The Datehole Knocked Up Contest started largely as a way to voice frustration with what we saw as a film that was going to get more credit than necessary for having something meaningful to say about, well, anything. The bonus side effect might be a little self promotion.

Let’s just say results were less than stellar.

But we made a new friend.

Completely unprompted by us, one Mr. Andrew Krucoff entered the contest. He was the ONLY one who entered. (We have the inbox to prove it.)

Some of you might know Mr. Krucoff as the VD of blogging, only, like, if herpes knew biblical history and five-syllable words; he flares up everywhere and ruins your shit.

He also does great interviews. And has actually touched Julia Allison. [Fucker. – Ed.]

The prizes for the Knocked Up Contest included a Knocked Up 2 DVD. New York City condoms and a $20 donation in Andrew’s name to Planned Parenthood of NYC. After watching the video we expect Mr. Krucoff will never be in need to PP’s services.

Below is a photo of Andrew with his prize. We heartily congratulate him for his success being the default recipient of the prize. We’re just glad to have that thing out of our house; some things cannot be un-seen.

What’cha looking for in there Andy?

And a screenshot of the donation receipt.

Now go make your own donation.

06.18.07 | 2 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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» Quick Tip: Make Fun of People You Like