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Quick Tips: Don’t Be Available

06.13.07 | Posted by Fox


As it has been said, the interval between desire and the fulfillment of that desire is where appreciation is developed. In other words, don’t be so desperate. If you’re always trying to set up dates with one girl in particular, you’ll likely appear to be a stalker — or worse, an amateur stalker. And, if your behavior is any guide, you won’t just appear to be a stalker, you will be one.

Conversely, if you’re always available when she asks you to do something, you’re making yourself way too available. What kind of person is available to do something every time she asks? Someone who is not doing anything worth talking about, that’s who. Get a pet. Take a class. Pick up a hobby that makes you unavailable at least one night a week. Pick something.

Some might call this game-playing. Others might call it overthought. We say, “If it translates into a better date, we’re all for it.” You should be too.

06.13.07 | Comment | Posted by Fox


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