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Week Links

Week Links

06.08.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


Our dream date, Julia Allsion, admits that her expertise as a dating columnist is largely due to her having “been around the block a few, uh, dozen, times.” And that block is K Street.

We went to Red Hook.

And Night Court.

Via Consumerist: “…the average cost of a wedding is $27,852. Compare that to the median income in 2005 of $46,326…” Fuck and no thank you.

Mydaughterwasrapedandkilled.com online dating success story!

Mobile phone dating. Sounds great right? Meetmoi is like Dodgeball but with people you don’t know yet. Holds immense amount of promise for disappointment.

Via the The Scanner: world’s greatest cock tease has written a book.

Maybe the most honest M4W ad in the history of Craigslist: “I throw punches when I feel cornered. I kickbox, so they are good punches… and although you know that I will ultimately leave you in an emotional bloody shredded heap in pursuit of my own needs, you will be unwilling and unable to exorcise me from your life, so serious replies only, please.”

We went on a Knocked Up rampage. We cannot promise we won’t relapse.

Think NY dating is bad? This is not an Onion article: “It’s hard to date when your house reeks of dog farts.”

Sometimes a URL is perfect.

Be romantic AND cheap.

The Daily Mail was killing it this week: First, the fascinating story of Britain’s first dating service. Then, the orgasm diet. And… Thank. Fucking. God. The national nightmare is over. Why would you want to wear anything that was even harder to get off?

06.08.07 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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