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Frontline of History: Making You Smarter

05.24.07 | Posted by Fox

My Accent Is Terrible
OMG! It’s my paycheck!

It’s always good to be with interesting company on a date. For the jealous types, it’s often good to not be in company that is too interesting, otherwise your date will leave you for the company: no, you’re not paranoid. So, if you’re the jealous type, you might considering skipping the latest event at the Explorers Club of New York; Sebastian Junger, author and journalist, will be discussing his years of experience working in extreme and often violent areas of the world. He’s probably most famous for his book The Perfect Storm which was subsequently turned into a heartbreaking work of fake New England accents.

He was also the last person to interview Ahmad Shah Massoud, the anti-Taliban guerilla fighter, in 2001 before he was killed by two suicide bombers on 9/9/01 (no one thinks it’s a coincidence). To get a sense of why this is going to be a worthwhile event, listen to him read from his book:

The underlying theme appears to be “the complex relationship that he and his fellow reporters have with danger – and, inevitably, with fear.” Sounds like my life, only not boring.

Here are some tips so that you can sound smart:

PSEUDO-TIP: The Explorers Club is basically a collection of scientists, historians, explorers, and assorted other scientific types who are interested in . . . well, exploring the world in one way or another. It has only about 3000 members, but they’ve been going strong for over 100 years, so good-on-ya. They dole out numerous grants, go on expeditions in groups, support lectures and generally support exploration and scientific pursuit the world-over.

TIP: The club claims to count among its members many who have performed famous firsts, including: first to the North Pole (Robert Peary), first to the South Pole (Roald Amundsen), first to the summit of Mount Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay), first to the deepest point in the ocean - the Marianas Trench (Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh ), first to the surface of the moon (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins).

TIP: These lectures have been going on in an organized fashion since the 1930s. The used to be known as “Smoker Lectures.”

Tickets go on sale at 6pm the day of, so you probably have a good shot at getting in.

What: Sebastian Junger @ The Explorers Club
Where: 46 East 70th Street MAP
When: Monday, June 4th, 7pm
How Much: $20 for non-members.

After getting your travel on, you may want to stop by some place a little less hifalutin — J.G. Melon has a reasonably good burger at a reasonably good price. Granted, it’s normally got quite a spectacular wait and on some level, it is hifalutin just because it’s on the upper east side and there are the “look at my striped shirt” type of guys everywhere.

What: J.G. Melon
Where: 1291 3rd Ave MAP

Anyway, if a burger and beer aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other places to chose from in the area . . .

05.24.07 | 11 Comments | Posted by Fox



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