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Smart Move: Local Documentaries

05.22.07 | Posted by Fox

Things aren’t turning out the way I want!!
So normally, a movie would be out of the question. Movies are uninspiring and more generally not a particularly original idea for a date. But when it’s a movie about something that’s happening right now in the city that you live in and you could actually affect change, it can be played as a pretty creative date idea.

This particular documentary is titled “Brooklyn Matters” and is about the pending redevelopment of the Atlantic train yards in downtown Brooklyn Prospect Heights. If you haven’t been paying attention to this at all, Bruce Ratner (a prominent developer) bought up a lot of space in downtown Brooklyn Prospect Heights (and by a lot of space, we’re talking hundreds of 22 acres) and requested that the city state use eminent domain to appropriate the property (read: residences) that he couldn’t buy.

Of course, the city did what the developer wanted because they love all of that delicious tax revenue. Anyway, the documentary covers the Ratner “plan” and the ensuing civic horseshit that typically happens in New York when the city government tramples over civil rights.

What makes this documentary even better is that you get to talk to the producers and directors afterwards. Go prepared and ask an interesting question.

TIP: The National Trust for Historic Preservation and Scenic America oppose the Atlantic Yards project.

TIP: Ironically, Bruce Ratner’s brother is Michael Ratner, who heads the Center for Constitutional Rights.

TIP: The arena that would house a new basketball team (the Brooklyn Nets, formerly the New Jersey Nets) only takes up 10% of the proposed development. So, multiply the arena (with the tower on top of it) times 10 and you have an idea of the size of this development. Naming rights were sold to Barclay’s Bank for $400MM. That’s a record! Huzzah.

What:Brooklyn Matters
When: June 3rd, 7pm
How Much: FREE! Donate, you greedy prick.
Where: Union Docs: Take the G or the L to Lorimer/Metropolitan and walk south on Union Street. MAP

I’m salty and delicious!
So, after you go and get your indignation on, there’s really nothing better than to wash your misery down with the some delicious pulled pork and a delicious glass of beer. And I know that this place is the perennial favorite, but Fette Sau is, in fact, good. On the plus side, I’d imagine at 9pm on a Sunday it’s also empty. There’s plenty of outdoor seating too, so it’d be a really nice place to go after sitting inside on one of these hot summer nights we’ve been having too.

The only drawback is that it’s an obvious choice and it’s overly hip for that reason. But, on the other hand, good food is good food and really, that’s what it’s all about anyway.

What: Fette Sau
Where: 354 Metropolitan Ave
How: Walk up to metropolitan from the film house (it’s where the subway stop is), make a left and walk under the BQE. Walk until you hit Havermeyer — it’s about 50 feet from there on metropolitan (it looks like a garage).

UPDATE: Corrections courtesy of No Land Grab. Thanks!

05.22.07 | Comment | Posted by Fox


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