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Zombie Art Show

05.16.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


Not scared of anything? Pride yourself on going on dates that are way beyond the pale? Got balls that come in a dump truck? Then maybe this date’s for you (‘cause God knows it isn’t for everyone).


The Zombie Art Show at MF Gallery has been going on since April 14th and will close on May 27th. On Saturday the 26th is a closing party featuring the gallery’s zombie-themed art and zombie speed-metal and performance art band Deathrace (which bills itself as Satanic superhero robots following the legacy of GWAR, KISS, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, with a little G.G. Allin mixed in for fun.) Charming, no?

This is The Cranberries singing “Zombie.” Fuck and yes. They say it’s about Irish independence. That’s bullshit. It’s about zombies. Probably zombies drinking Guinness and protecting pots of gold. Play it while reading the rest of this post.

After the performance the band will fight zombies on the Lower east Side. Let me repeat that because it may be the smoothest, most sensical sentence we’ve ever written: after the performance the band will fight zombies on the Lower East Side.

Before the party, “zombie packs” will be roaming the local bars of the Lower East Side. Fuck. Me. I need to write that one again too: “Zombie packs” will be roaming the local bars of the Lower East Side.

Non-zombies are totally welcome.

Tip: Especially good date to take a Goth (or reformed Goth).

Tip: Check out the show’s opening photo gallery to know what to expect.

Tip: Anyone dressed as a zombie gets free beer. To do this: Go to New York Costume on 4th Ave and 11th Street and get one of their half-zombie masks (one for her too!). They’re about $13. Also get some fake blood there. This way you can make the trip looking normal (except for your old, ripped clothes.) When you arrive, rub some of the fake blood on your old clothes and don the masks. Congradulations, you’re the walking dead.

Tip: Get there early at 4:00 pm and the on-site FX team will make you up. (We assume this doesn’t mean you then get to drink free beer.)

Guys better get over heeeeere; Trash is takin’ off her clothes againnnnnn!

Tip: Great double-date activity. Zombie strength comes from their numbers.

Where: MF Gallery at 157 Rivington St. (b/w Suffolk St. & Clinton St.); F/J/M/Z train to Delancey-Essex stop and walk 5 min.

When: Saturday May 26; 4:00 pm for FX gear and zombie roaming pre-party; 7:00 pm bat-shit insane band performance and zombie “battle.”

Cost: Free; but donations are seriously appreciated (and recommended).

Tip: Check out Zombie NYC for future brain-chomping un-dead events.

(This post dedicated to Linnea Quigley. Those of you over 30 know why.)

05.16.07 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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