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5 Pointz: All City Graffiti

05.16.07 | Posted by Fox

Five Pointz
So graffiti isn’t everyone’s bag: some think it’s ugly, others think it’s vandalism, others think it’s both vandalism and ugly. Whatever the case may be, the 5 Pointz in LIC should put that all to bed: graffiti kicks art’s ass. This date, although adventurous, gets mad pointz ’cause it’s so wickedstoopidfresh.

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It’s quite a sight from the 7 train — the place is completely covered in graf and the owner has shown no signs at all in trying to prevent it — in fact, it’s encouraged. Apparently people from all over New York City and, indeed, all over the world come over to leave their work. The rules are pretty lax, but there are definitely rules:

5 ptz rules

Preview what you’ll see when you go . . . this ain’t your mamma’s artwork. The styles vary from cartoonish drawings to wildstyle tags and all of it is truly the best of the best. This is what happens when these artists have all the time that they need to do what they do best. Don’t waste this date on someone who won’t get it; this is a sight to behold and you’ll definitely appreciate it more with someone who is into it.

Sadly, only one tip for this date . . .

What: 5 Pointz Warehouse
Where: Jackson Avenue, between Crane and Davis, Long Island City
How: Take the G7 to Court Square or EV to 23rd St Ely Ave.
5ptz Map

05.16.07 | Comment | Posted by Fox


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