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Red Noses Unite: Brooklyn Uncorked

05.15.07 | Posted by Fox

Alright, lushes, this one’s for you: Brooklyn Uncorked is the New York area’s tribute to Long Island wines. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Long Island wine can’t taste much better than cocktail of a wet dog’s back and horses urine.” And if I hadn’t had any experience with Long Island wines, I’d be inclined to agree with you. However, I HAVE had experience with the regional regional wines and I have to tell you, they’re good (and not the “better than you’d expect” kind of “good”).

The event, hosted at the BAMCafe in Brooklyn, runs from 6pm to 9pm for the general public and promises to loosen the sluices up at both ends. It does cost $30, but you get an opportunity to taste a bunch (no pun intended) of great wines without actually having to go to the wineries. Consider this a scouting exercise to help you to plan a trip later to your favorite . . . that’ll be a weekend date that we cover later.

TIP: Long Island has really only been a source of wine for the past 30 or so years, so it’s very young, but here some recommendations that I found: Lieb Family Cellars, Paumanok Assemblage, Raphael Sauvignon Blanc, The Lenz Winery Cabernet Sauvignon.

TIP: There are only thirty wineries operating on about 3000 acres on Long Island. They don’t get a lot of credit from the majors, but with events like these, the misperception of Long Island wines being a “cocktail of a wet dog’s back and horses urine” is gradually changing.

What: Brooklyn Uncorked
Where: BAMCafe, 30 Lafayette Brooklyn
How: Literally take any train other than the 7, S, 1, 6, W or L to Pacific or Atlantic.
When: Wednesday 5/16, 6pm - 9pm
Buy Tix

Afterwards, swing buy Habana Outpost for a dinner of grilled corn, frozen mojitos, and Cuban sandwiches. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is pleasant and it’s only a 4 minute walk away from BAMCafe, so don’t complain. Just walk up Lafayette until you hit South Portland and make a right turn. Voila! You’re a genius.

TIP: It’s all outdoor and uses solar power to supplement its power usage, bio-degradable cups, utensils and plates. So if your date cried at An Inconvenient Truth like mine did, she’ll appreciate it not only gustatorily, but scientifically and politically as well. And you’ll be a fucking hero’s side-kick. Huzzah.

TIP: If you order something that needs to go through the blender, you can get a $1 discount by biking and power it out yourself. Be “that grinning, sweating guy.”
Biking Idiot
Hey look at me, I’m a cheap bastard!

TIP: Sound smart by commenting on the “Howard The Duck” mural inside by Lee Quinones (it’s the one that’s tagged by an obvious — and enormous “LEE”). He was one of the key players of street art in the late 70s and 80s– although not nearly as well known as Basquiat or Keith Haring.

What: Habana Outpost
Where: Corner of South Portland and Fulton
Habana and BAM

05.15.07 | Comment | Posted by Fox


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