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He Said, She Said: Sex on the First Date

05.14.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

He Said, She Said features special guests discussing a topic central to New York dating.

For this edition of He Said, She Said Datehole welcomes one of the most respected beauties in the field and also an American Idol star. Are-they-or-aren’t-they… it’s Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and singer Carrie Underwood!!

This week’s topic: Sex on the first date? Cool, or too much too soon?

Carrie: This is actually, like, something my friends and I really talk about all the time.

Tony: Me too.

Carrie: The thing is, if you really really, like, like a guy, you, like really want to make sure he, like, likes you too. It’s like, you want to make sure you’re making him happy.

Tony: I used to talk to Bill about it.

Carrie: And, like, you’re always having wine, or beers or, like, Long Island ice teas on a date right? So like, you know, you’re not always making the best decisions.

Tony: Remember that scene in Fight Club with Ed Norton and Meatloaf and Ed starts crying on Meatloaf’s chest. It was like that.

Carrie: But I think, like, it just really totally matters how the chemistry is between two people. I think, like, you can probably totally hook up on a first date and still have, like, mutual respect and stuff.

Tony: Now I talk to Terrell about it. Well, I guess I listen to Terrell talk about it.

Carrie: Actually, this is a strange question for me to be answering since I’ve decided to wait until marriage.


Carrie: Tony? Toooony?…… Anyone, like, see where Tony went?

Datehole thanks you both for your time.

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05.14.07 | 1 Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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