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Knocked Up: The Contest

05.03.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


When Knocked Up is released in June two things are certainly going to happen. 1) This movie is going to print its own money. And as a direct result, 2) magazine articles will be written about the trend of couples raising children in the “age of X” (with X being anything from cohabitation to divorce to situations involving the term “social network.”). This coverage might even be a feature story (though Esquire may have already covered this in ’92).


That’s all well and good and this film is sure to provide some laughs. But there are two things we here at Datehole would like to point out.

First, is the joke about a guy being worried his penis is going to hurt the baby really that funny anymore? Variety’s review said, “During what is, hands down, the funniest sequence in an extremely funny movie, he turns squeamish while attempting sexual congress with his extremely pregnant partner.” Really? That joke wasn’t that funny the first time.

And second, (keeping in mind we have not yet seen the film), is there going to be any mention at all of abortion? Or is this film going to be less forthright about unplanned pregnancy than Dirty Dancing (not to mention less so about STDs than Reality Bites)?

Anyway, we here at Datehole are holding a Knocked Up Contest to draw attention to these points as well as piggyback on the traffic for what is sure to be one of this summer’s cultural phenomena (Google searches for “girlfriend + knocked up + abortion” here we come!).

Send us an email at thedatehole [at] yahoo.com before June 1st – raving hatemail will be considered an entry - and you’ll be in the running to win a fabulous Knocked Up package.

The winning package includes:

A Copy of Knocked Up 2 (Not the sequel to this film but rewarding all the same. Can be used to instruct fathers-to-be who, if the repeated use of that hurt-the-baby joke is anything to go by, remain quite ignorant of biology. We’ve previewed this DVD and trust us; none of you are doing any damage if these guys aren’t.)

Three NYC condoms (Obviously nobody is learning any lessons about how this whole movie could just be about attempting to fill the cavern of low self esteem with alcohol and nameless, consequences-less sex.)

A $20 Donation (not in your name but on your behalf) to Planned Parenthood of New York City (Because, even if we’re mistaken and this film addresses this option, PP still needs the money.)

Send your entries to thedatehole [at] yahoo.com

Winner will be announced on (or around) Knocked Up’s opening day the first week of June. sometime in June when we feel like it and Fox simmers down after our wild Knocked Up weekend. (As for the legal mumbo-jumbo contests are supposed to have… well, we’ll risk the cease and desist.)

Best of luck.

05.03.07 | Comment | Posted by Hedgehog


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