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se7enty-se7en drummers = boredom(s)

05.02.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

If you haven’t gone out of the city on Saturday, July 7 then we have the event for you. In an effort that would make Def-Lep’s Rick Allen re-flip his Corvette in an attempt to turn back time, Japanese avant-garde (read: weird) band The Boredoms will assemble 77 drums (and drummers) in Brooklyn Bridge Fulton Ferry Park and, presumably, proceed to make the neighbors upstairs call 411 to complain.


We have no idea what this will be like but if we’re in the city we’ll be there with a blanket and our patchouli oil. The park is already our favorite.

Tip: Bring enough sun block. There is little shade there and 2:00-3:00 is going to feel like that scene in Conan where he’s tied to the tree and left to die.

Tip: Decant some wine at home and bring it for the party. Or, Three Thieves makes great white and red wines and packs them in 250 ml Bandit Bullet “juice boxes” which are $2.50 (online). The liter boxes are about $10. We’ve found both for the same prices at local liquor stores. The four-pack would be perfect. Order a few online to have around for other activities.

When: Saturday July 7. Get there early. Doors are at 3:00 pm and the show’s at 5:00. But this promises to be packed. Try getting there at 2:00 pm to be safe and get a good lawn spot.

Where: Lawn at the Empire-Fulton Ferry Park section of Brooklyn Bridge Park; F train to York St. and walk less than 5 minutes; Or A/C to High St. and walk about 10 minutes. Alternatively, this is a perfect time to walk across the bridge.

Also on July 7th is the Cat Power / Built to Spill show in the McCarren Park Pool. Personally, we liked Ms. Marshall better when she was boozin’. But she’s still sure to impress any date. Tickets should go on sale sometime soon. Check the Pool site for more information on tickets and times.

Live Earth is 7/7 too. So, you know, plan for a whole new cleaner world on Sunday. (Warning: site auto-plays annoying heavy rock.)

05.02.07 | 2 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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