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Walk the Dog

04.26.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


If dog walking seems like more of a job for wannabe actors than a date activity, you’re just not thinking creatively enough.

Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition at 253 Wythe Avenue (corner of North 1st Street) was established in 1987 with the mission is to provide safe haven for homeless animals and find them permanent homes. The best part about BARC is if you stop by you can take some of their dogs out for a walk. It’s win-win. The caged-up dog gets a walk. And you get the rewarding feeling of pet ownership that comes with none of the long-term responsibility. Not to mention how leading a dog automatically ups your sexiness rating by half.

Fill out a simple form and you can spend a half-hour or so walking a dog. The best walk to take is down Berry to the river and then a block over to Grand and the Grand Ferry Park. It’s a small river-side park that at night looks like a good place to dump a body. But in the daytime it’s pretty in a urban way. There are picnic benches and rocks to sit on.

Warning: The people you meet at BARC will leave you feeling inadequately human. They are that nice.

Warning: Part 2: You may want to adopt one of these animals. Steel yourself against turning into a blubbering idiot before arrival.

When: Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 5 pm (The attached store is open 11 am to 7 pm but there’s no dog walking.)

Where: 253 Wythe Avenue (corner of North 1st Street). L train to Bedford Ave stop and then a 12 minute walk; J/M/Z to Marcy Ave stop and then an 18 minute walk.

Cost: Free (though it’s $100 if you keep an animal. Not usually a first-time-visit option).

Also: Sunday, July 22, Noon to 5pm, is BARC’s 3rd annual Cat Carnival and Block Party. “Join us for BARC’s annual block party, fundraiser, and cat adoption event. Enjoy a summer day of music, games, food and drinks while you find out everything you ever wanted to know about CATS! Cats and Dogs will be available for adoption at BARC”

After walking the dog, walk a few blocks down to Marlow & Sons at 81 Broadway on the corner of Berry (just under the Bridge).


M&Sons is attached to the raved-about restaurant Diner. But we prefer Marlow for its oysters and its lack of pretension. Plus the inside seating is just tight enough to be romantic. (Though if it’s nice, sit outdoors with an (albeit poor) view of the river.)

Tip: M&Sons’ website still touts their Oyster Happy Hour ($1.25 per Oyster) Mon - Fri 5 – 7 and Sat & Sun 2 – 6. Last time we were there this was no longer available. Call (718) 384-1441 or email marlow@marlowandsons.com beforehand for details.

Tip: The wine list is ok, though we always go with the house white or red (you can get a 1/3 bottle for $8).

Tip: The variety of cheeses is good. And the paninis are around $10 and absolutely delicious.

M&Sons also has a “general store” attached to it that sells a selection of great meats, breads, oils and other foodie items.

Best Bet: Saturday or Sunday. Go to BARC to walk a dog around 2:00 pm. Sit in the park for a few minutes and then walk down to Marlow & Sons for some late afternoon oysters, cheese and wine.

04.26.07 | 2 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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