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He Said, She Said - Ogling in the Gym

04.24.07 | Posted by Hedgehog

He Said, She Said features special guests discussing a topic central to New York dating.

For the inaugural edition of He Said, She Said, Datehole is proud to welcome the original cast of He Said, She Said: Elizabeth Perkins and Kevin Bacon. This week’s topic: Ogling women at the gym, how much is too much? Is it OK at all?

Elizabeth: I am sure that a lot of men think that ogling women in a gym is a way of flattering them. And that can be true. It really all depends on the circumstances.

Kevin: I go to the gym.

Elizabeth: A woman usually does not feel like she is looking her best when she is at the gym and being eyeballed makes her feel like she’s under a microscope. It can be very uncomfortable.

Kevin: I love ogling Kyra’s big lips.

Elizabeth: When a guy stares at us for an extended period of time… Or if every time we look over he’s staring at us… that can be very creepy in a stalker kind of way. It is not good or comfortable.

Kevin: The ones on Kyra’s face are nice too.

Elizabeth: In most cases, if a guy gives us a small smile and moves on it can be nice. That seems pretty harmless and can be a little flattering. We’ll smile back if we’re interested. If not, just leave it be or you’ll freak us out. And remember, no long unbroken stares.

Kevin: Wait, I can’t see my hand! I can’t see my body! No! No! No! This can’t be happening again! Aaaargrghhhhhhaaah!

Datehole thanks you both for your time.

Elizabeth: You’re welcome. Please watch me in Weeds. Please. I need the money.

Kevin: Somebody call Michael! No! Not my brother! Jordon, Michael Jordan! My brother in underwear. He fixed this last time. Please God, help me…

04.24.07 | 1 Comment | Posted by Hedgehog

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