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New York’s Best Date

04.20.07 | Posted by Hedgehog


There really isn’t a better date activity than walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s totally New York, it’s romantic, it’s cheap, it’s memorable and it can be day or night.

Bullet points for discussion during the walk to seem smart:
* The bridge opened in 1883. Franz Kafka and Rube Goldberg were born that same year.

* The construction killed 27 people.

* People were dumb 100 years ago too: A week after opening a woman tripped and screamed which caused a panic that the bridge was collapsing. 12 people were trampled to death.

* For a while the towers were the tallest structures in the Western Hemisphere.

* Famed circus owner P.T. Barnum walked 21 elephants across the bridge to demonstrate its safety.

Cost: Free
Time: The Bridge is about 6,000 feet, including approaches. That’s just over a mile. So a slow walk could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour. Tip: On the Brooklyn side watch out for the exit which is off to the left across the bike lane.
Getting There: Manhattan: 4/5/6/J/M/Z to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; R/W to City Hall
Brooklyn: F to York St; A/C to High Street

Best Bet, Day: If you’re doing an afternoon crossing with nice weather go from the Manhattan side to the Brooklyn side. Once off the bridge, go to the Brooklyn Bridge (Fulton Ferry) park (another 10 minutes off the bridge).

Tip: Brown bag the wine. Better yet, mix something up at home and pack it in a nondescript bottle. You can stop at Blanc & Rouge Wines at 81 Washington Street to get a bottle if you don;t bring your own. There are numerous places to grab a bite as well. Good selection of sausages and cheese at the deli on Front and Washington. But nothing is sweeter than having made a picnic yourself.


Best Bet, Night: Walk from the Brooklyn side over to the Manhattan side, where cabs and trains are plentiful and you’re closer to places to go afterward.

Tip: Before you go, make sure you prep your date for wearing comfortable shoes. This cannot be stressed enough. I walked over the bridge once with a woman in heels. One time. I will sit on the right hand of Satan himself before I do it again. Whoever hazzards the bridge walk “spontaneously” with a woman not dressed for it deserves every minute of the lonely night he will surely get.

Tip: There’s a great Mexican dive at Front Street by the York Street F Train stop. Perfect for if you cross the bridge at night in the Brooklyn direction. Rice and beans and a bar with cellophane covering the bottles. The ceiling’s only like 7 feet, so you feel like a giant.

04.20.07 | 2 Comments | Posted by Hedgehog



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